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    Key words: climate anomalies, soaring food prices


    My opinion on cherishing food

    Many countries in the world are faced with the problems of an increasing population and a shortage of food. People should feel sorry for themselves when they waste food even though they can lead a prosperous living.

    As we know, food shortages have hit many countries in the world and even caused social unrest in some areas. But who is responsible for the current world food crisis? First, annual world grains output has declined because of climate change and environmental degradation. Besides, lots of farmland has been lost due to the rapid development of industry and urbanization.

    Now, because of global warming and climate anomalies, some kinds of food crops don’t have a splendid harvest, with food lacking and food prices rising. Thus, many of the poor due to soaring food prices can not afford to buy food, hungry to lead a miserable life.

    There are a number of possible solutions to the problem, but none of them is easy. In the first place, people can buy advanced agricultural machinery and modernize their farming methods and develop more land. In the second place, when eating in a restaurant, we should order properly and take it home when we can't eat it. Last but not least, develop the habit of not being picky or partial eaters, which can not only nourish our body, but also avoid the hidden danger of waste.

    “Who knows, every grain is hard”. To love and save grain is to respect the farmer’s labor. We should not only start from ourselves, but also drive people around us to cherish and save food.(272字)


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